Friday, July 12, 2013

Feng Shui During The Full Moon

The age-old techniques of feng shui when the moon is at its fullest promote happiness in your life. Certain easy feng shui rituals can help improve your mood and your increase your wealth. Learn what people have been doing for centuries to improve their quality of life from the following simple steps.

Place a glass bowl outside on the night of the full moon. Fill the bowl with water. Add a few sage leaves and a few drops of lavender oil. The power and energy of the full moon is trapped in the water. When the sun rises, pour the water into a spray bottle and spritz the energized water on the furniture and curtains of your house. The lavender oil will provide a fresh energizing scent.

Place your wealth Buddha outside on the night of the full moon. The Buddha will absorb the moon's rays and its power will increase. In the morning place the Buddha back inside your home facing the door.

Place all your crystals and gemstones on your windowsill. They will get energized by the moon and help you increase your happiness, luck and wealth when you wear or use them.

Sit somewhere inside or outside your house from where you can see the full moon. Light incense and candles. As you light the incense, make a pure wish of something you want or intend to achieve. Meditate on this for a while. When the incense burns out, finalize your intention by blowing out the candles.

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