Tuesday, July 9, 2013

How to Make a Feng Shui Wealth Jar

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese method of arranging furniture and possessions in your home to attract health, prosperity and general well-being. Feng Shui philosophy believes that by balancing how energy, or qi, flows through your environment, you live in harmony with nature and manifest positive results in your life. Strategically-placing certain objects in your home is recommended in Feng Shui theory, such as the Feng Shui wealth jar, which symbolizes never-ending wealth and helps create financial stability.

Select the container for your Feng Shui wealth jar. It can be a plate, vase, bowl, jar or pot. You can can also order specially-designed wealth jars from Feng Shui distributors over the Internet.

Fill your Feng Shui wealth jar with items that symbolize wealth, good-fortune and prosperity. You can purchase imitation gold nuggets, pearls, gold bars and gold coins from Feng Shui distributors. Include in your wealth jar imitation or real jewelry, checks filled out to yourself with high dollar amounts and other items that represent prosperity to you. Use your wealth jar as a piggy bank and fill it with real money. Load up your wealth jar until it's packed to the brim with symbolic and actual treasures.

Place the Feng Shui wealth jar in your living room in the southeast corner for creating wealth and financial stability. If you're searching for a job or other money-making opportunities, put the wealth jar in the northwest corner of your living room to increase your luck in finding high-paying employment. The wealth jar should ideally be placed so it faces the entrance of your home or living room.

Put a Feng Shui wealth jar in your office for help in manifesting financial success with your career. If you run a business, place a wealth jar near the cash register to attract customers.

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